See Change: Visualising the Urban Climate Crisis

Climate change has crucial impacts on our life: today and in the future. It can seem like an issue which is too big or too abstract for people to respond to effectively or to consider in their everyday lives.

To help respond to the growing challenges posed by climate change, FOTEA partnered with University of Leeds on the project ‘See Change: Visualising the Urban Climate Crisis’. During the project, emerging and established photographers took part in a masterclass to explore new ways of visually representing climate change from different perspectives. By exploring how to tell better stories about the local impacts of climate change in Africa’s urban environments, we aimed to equip visual storytellers with the tools that they needed to raise awareness on these issues, help people understand the climate crisis better, and help them to advocate for change.

The masterclass ran from July to August 2022 in Kampala and virtually. The work created during the masterclass is part of an on-going exhibition at the Uganda Museum’s Transport Gallery in Kampala and virtually at .showroom from February 15th until March 17th. 

See Change: Visualising the Urban Climate Crisis


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