A platform for photographers in East Africa to connect, learn and grow.

  ABOUT     FOTEA was established in 2016 to provide a...

FOTEA was established in 2016 to provide a central point for the support, management, and funding of a growing range of photographic projects. These include the Uganda Press Photo Award, the East African Photography Award, the Young Photographers’ Award, and the Young Photographer Mentorship Programme. Alongside this FOTEA also organizes photography and video workshops, portfolio reviews, public discussions, exhibitions, and film screenings. Through this work, we are committed to building a networked photographic community in East Africa.

Outside of the UPPA, FOTEA focuses on visual education and works with students and early-career professionals, and engages them as partners, encouraging them to look beyond the boundaries of the established media ecosystem and to develop ideas and approaches which address issues which they’re passionate about through photography.

We believe that our collaborators have the right to shape and diversify the narratives of their societies, countries, and continent and that by equipping them with the tools to critically engage with the wider world we help them to build better futures. We also firmly believe in the downstream benefits of visual literacy and the essential nature of good visual education. People who can’t read images will always struggle to engage critically with them, and good journalism is as much about how it’s read as to how it’s written.

Through all of this FOTEA strives to bring together photographers, visual storytellers, and artists and encourage unique voices that document and engage with and reflect on social change.

  OUR     VISION     Our vision is to make...

Our vision is to make photography and photographic education accessible to everyone, to ensure that they have the rights and tools to tell their own stories, and to promote the work of photographers from Uganda and East Africa nationally, regionally, and internationally.


Our mission is to offer a truly supportive platform for photographers in East Africa and, through that platform, to create opportunities for people to connect, learn, and grow. We provide photographic and visual literacy education and organize competitions, exhibitions, and other lens-based media-related activities.


       Anna Kućma       Director and Curator      Anna is...

Anna Kućma
Director and Curator

Anna is the director of the Uganda Press Photo Award and FOTEA. She also works as an independent curator and producer She is passionate about photography and developing alternative educational models for visual storytellers, and developing new networks between visual professionals on the African continent and beyond.

      Stella Nantongo      Programme Coordinator       A...

Stella Nantongo
Programme Coordinator

A photography enthusiast with a mostly forgotten degree in IT, Stella is passionate about ways in which photographic education sparks creativity. When she’s not overseeing UPPA’s workshops and other activities she can be found watching either Formula One or tennis.
      Ivan Barigye     Creative Lead and Art Director...

Ivan Barigye
Creative Lead and Art Director

Ivan is a comprehensive design and digital Creative/Art Director based in Kampala Uganda with over 15 years of experience. An adamant photography lover and a technology enthusiast. 
  Philip Peter Kairu     Media and Project Assistant...
Philip Peter Kairu 
Media and Project Assistant

Philip is a photographer and artist. Lately, his art practice mostly involves working on mixed media collages. He loves sports, especially rugby and plays it whenever he can.


If you have any questions, please contact us at hello@fotea.org.


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